Monday, 4 August 2014

Cheltenham Drink & Draw - August 2014

by Rae

On the first Tuesday of every month, you will find a rather large group of people who have gathered in Cheltenham Boston Tea Party. They are armed with pencils, pens, markers, paints, and armfuls of paper. They are here to participate in our monthly event, Cheltenham Drink and Draw. This event is open to everyone, from artists to those who can just about manage stick figures (like ourselves!), to join in and draw whatever they like based on the night's theme.

In July, the theme was Lego! Not the easiest thing to draw, admittedly, but every image we collected afterward was fantastic. The images ranged from Lego figures and blocks to sketches based on models built with lots of coloured blocks. Plus, we had the perfect excuse to bring a massive box of Lego with us.

Of the pictures we collected, those with email addresses included have been entered into a competition!** You can view the entries by checking out the Cheltenham Drink and Draw album on Facebook. (Please note that due to data protection, all names, email addresses, and signatures have been removed from the scanned versions of these images.)

Simply "Like" any image(s) you think deserves to win. The drawing with the most "Likes" by the next Drink and Draw (Tuesday 5 August) will be the winner! The prize for July is a copy of Creationary!

So what will we be doing for next month's event? We've gone for a broader theme this time, allowing a great deal more scope for inspiration: space! There are no real limits to this kind of theme: space ships and stations, exploration, alien worlds, planets and stars, science fiction, space movies, etc. Feel free to come along and draw with us as we boldly go where no Cheltenham Drink and Draw has gone before!

** As a side note, this time around we picked up a very large number of pictures which had no email addresses on them. While a small handful had names or signatures, most drawings had nothing to identify them. If you left your image for the competition and you do not see it in the Facebook album, please get in touch, as we may have it!

Rae is already preparing herself for an epic adventure in drawing AT-ATs.

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