Saturday, 23 August 2014

Big Game Hunting - Games on the Horizon, part one

by Rae

Looking forward to adding some new games to your library? Take a peek at what's coming soon!

All of these games are available to pre-order from Proud Lion. All pre-orders qualify for a 10% discount.

King of New York - RRP £35.00 (pre-order price £31.50)
This stand-alone expansion brings the dice-rolling monster battles of King of Tokyo to New York. Players get the chance to take over districts of Manhattan in an attempt to destroy the other monsters – or just to earn themselves some fame! Featuring a larger board and six brand new monsters to play, this is not one to miss.

Firefly: Blue Sun Expansion - RRP £30.00 (pre-order price £27.00)
We all know the map for the Firefly board game isn't big enough, right?! So how about a 10” x 20” board extension? The Blue Sun expansion does exactly that. It also offers additional cards for just about everything – crew, gear, jobs, and a new Nav Deck, just for starters. Also included are three new Story cards to keep players busy, and two more Reaver Cutters – as if the first wasn't dangerous enough!

Car Wars Classic - RRP £15.00 (TBC) (pre-order price £13.50 (STC))
The classic Steve Jackson game returns! First you choose a car, with its own combination of weapons, armour, and upgrades. Then you take that car on the road, and try to survive. Keep your driver alive, and you can earn enough cash to get yourself bigger and better cars. There are two ways to win -  finish the race first, or simply destroy all your opponents!

prototype shown (taken from Board Game Geek)

Firefly Dice - RRP £TBC (pre-order price £TBC)
If you're looking for a quick hit of Firefly goodness, but don't have the table space or time available for a full-on game, this might be worth a look. Taking on the concept of the press-your-luck game style, this dice game has you looking for crew and trying to finish jobs – before the bad guys finish you. Details and final art for this one are still under wraps, but hopefully we'll get to see more soon!

Five Tribes - RRP £45.00 (pre-order price £40.50)
The sultan of Naqala has died, leaving a place of power up for grabs. Players have to successfully manoeuvre the people of the five tribes of Naqala and invoke the power of the Djinns to claim the sultanate for themselves. This mancala-style game by Days of Wonder is easy to learn, but difficult to master, and will likely have you dreaming of meeples...

Stay tuned for more Games on the Horizon, coming soon!

Rae is still trying to build the perfect Klingon fleet for Star Trek: Attack Wing.

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