Proud Lion is owned and run by Ben Fardon. Ben has been a comic collector since he was young and has now been working in comic book retail for almost a decade.

Proud Lion is Ben's first venture of his own and stocks everything from American comics and graphic novels to Japanese manga along with toys, action figures, games, t-shirts and much more.

The shop has its own superhero team, also called Proud Lion. The four characters were designed by up-and-coming American artist Josh Howard (Dead@17, Black Harvest, The Lost Books Of Eve, Clubbing) and the shop ran a competition when we opened to name the heroes!

Congratulations to Scott Edwards, Paul Kemp and Emma Rathbone for their entries. All of our winners were from Cheltenham.

So without further ado, let’s introduce the team.

Starting at the back, meet INFERNO, a sulky and difficult teenager who awoke one day to discover she had been cursed to become a giant were-dragon. Now she has to discover who did this to her and learn to master her growing temper.

On the left is GARRISON, a young man who was left house-bound and agraphobic after a tragic accident, until a mysterious crate containing a mysterious and powerful suit of robotic armour appeared in his back garden.

In the middle we have MIRAGE, a fun-loving, caring and outgoing young girl who grew up loving American superhero comics and has assembled the Proud Lion team through sheer determination.

Finally on the right is FRANK MONO, a 1930s black and white movie character brought to life in a freak event, Frank is a natural investigator and imay be indestructible!

Look out for their all new adventures, coming soon...