Sunday, 18 May 2014

Proud Lion 2.0 - the signs, they are a'changing

by Ben Fardon

Success! It's been a bit daft, trading from a premises with no shop sign out front. I've been frustratingly aware of this since we moved. There wasn't time to do it before Free Comic Book Day, so we muddled through. After a day's rest on the Sunday, we reconvened on the Bank Holiday Monday with the aid of my Dad and long-time friend of the store, Andy Smith, and began to put the sign up on the new building. Then it began to smegging rain! And hammer drills plugged into extension cables plugged into the mains, up a ladder, in the rain? That's a bad idea right there. You don't need to be a Health & Safety Executive to work that out!

Since then, the rain has been an intermittent but constant feature of the British weather (I know, quell surprise right?), until this week. So, we assembled once more, this time with the generous aid of Joe Stacey and my father. Long story short, we got it done. With thanks in part to the groundwork laid with Andy's help a few week's previously. I'm grateful to both of them for their help, plus a big cheer to Charlie from Judder for helping Rae to rescue the sign from the old place.

There were a couple of other pieces of progress this week, but I'll save those for further updates over the next few days. I hope you all had a great weekend, and I urge all DC Comics fans to check out the blog post I put up the other day about placing orders NOW for Future's End month in September.

Ben Fardon loved Godzilla!

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