Friday, 23 May 2014

Big Game Hunting - Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition NOW AVAILABLE TO PRE-ORDER

by Ben Fardon

After length speculation, Wizards Of The Coast have finally unveiled the details for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

We can now start taking pre-orders on the following items. Unlike the release of 4th Edition, this new edition is once again staggered across several months. All release dates are subject to change of course.

It all kicks off with the Starter Box in July. This is everything you need to get stuck in, and we'll be hoping to run a launch event at the store where you can join us on a short adventure. More details on that to follow.

In August, the Players Handbook arrives alongside the first pre-written adventure, the Tyranny Of Dragons: The Hoard Of The Dragon Queen. Interestingly, these new adventures were not designed in house by the Wizards of the Coast team. Instead they've been developed in conjunction with Kobold Press, designers Wolfgang Bauer (founder of Kobold Press and former designer/developer for WotC and TSR) and Steve Winter (former editor/designer at WotC and TSR, plus co-creator of the computer game Pool of Radiance), which ha certainly piqued the interest of the international gaming community.

The following months see the release of the Monster Manual, the Dungeon Masters Guide and the second Tyranny Of Dragons adventure which sees the dramatic return of Tiamat!



RRP £17.00
PRE-ORDER PRICE £15.00 (requires £5 deposit)
The Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set is your gateway to action-packed stories of the imagination. This box contains the essential rules of the game plus everything you need to play heroic characters on perilous ad- ventures in worlds of fantasy.
Ideal for 4 – 6 players, the Starter Set includes a 64-page adventure book, a 32-page rulebook for playing characters level 1 – 5, 5 pre-generated characters, each with a character sheet and supporting reference material, and 6 dice.


RRP £30.00
PRE-ORDER PRICE £27.00 (requires £7 deposit)
The Player’s Handbook is the essential reference for every Dungeons & Dragons roleplayer. It contains rules for character creation and advancement, backgrounds and skills, exploration and combat, equipment, spells, and much more. Use this book to create exciting characters from among the most iconic D&D races and classes.

RRP £20.00
PRE-ORDER PRICE £18.00 (requires £5 deposit)
In an audacious bid for power the Cult of the Dragon, along with the Red Wizards of Thay, seek to bring Tiamat from her prison in the Nine Hells to Faerun. To this end, they are sweeping from town to town, lay- ing waste to all those who oppose them and gathering a hoard of riches for their dread queen. The threat of annihilation has become so dire that groups as disparate as the Harpers and Zhentarim are banding together in the fight against the cult. Never before has the need for heroes been so desperate.


RRP £30.00
PRE-ORDER PRICE £27.00 (requires £7 deposit)
The Monster Manual presents a horde of classic Dungeons & Dragons creatures, including dragons, giants, mind flayers, and beholders—a monstrous feast for Dungeon Masters ready to challenge their players and populate their adventures.The monsters contained herein are culled from the D&D game’s illustrious history, with easy-to-use game statistics and thrilling stories to feed your imagination.


RRP £20.00
PRE-ORDER PRICE £18.00 (requires £5 deposit)
The Cult of the Dragon leads the charge in an unholy crusade to bring Tiamat back to the Realms, and the situation grows more perilous for heroes with each passing moment. The battle becomes increasingly politi- cal as opportunities to gather allies and gain advantage present themselves. From Waterdeep to the Sea of Moving Ice to Thay, it is a race against Evil. Succeed or succumb to the oppression of draconic tyranny. Win or lose, things will never be the same again.


RRP £30.00
PRE-ORDER PRICE £27.00 (requires £7 deposit)
The Dungeon Master’s Guide provides the inspiration and the guidance you need to spark your imagination and create worlds of adventure for your players to explore and enjoy. Inside you’ll find world-building tools, tips and tricks for creating memorable dungeons and adventures, optional game rules, hundreds of classic D&D magic items, and much more!

To pre-order, you can either pop in store or email me at Deposits to secure your pre-orders can be paid in store by cash or card, or if pre-ordering via email I can send you a PayPal invoice. as I say, stay tuned for more details about our D&D 5th Edition launch event in the coming weeks.

Ben Fardon is ready for a few days off. No, not ready - desperate. Desperate for a few days off.

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