Monday, 19 May 2014

Proud Lion 2.0 - the big come back (issues)

by Ben Fardon

Another piece of the puzzle fell into place last week. The units for our new back issue section arrived, and were swiftly assembled. With the aid of our back issue guru, Rob Watkins, I transported the boxes of back issue comics to the new store from storage at the old premises, and reorganised them on a new island section in the middle of the store. There are slightly less boxes than we used to have in the old section upstairs at 40 Albion Street, but it's a necessary compromise in the new premises. We have pretty much the same amount of space that we used to have on two floors now arranged on one floor, but that does mean we've lost some wall-space (and quite a bit of storage space!), hence the need to compromise. Sorry folks, that them's the breaks!

That's it for the update today, other than a quick reminder that we do not buy back issue collections at present, nor do we currently offer any valuation service. Should either of these positions change in the future, I'll be sure to let you know.

Ben Fardon is awaiting delivery of over 500 small window stickers.

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