Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Big Game Hunting Live - Eldritch Horror

This weekend we will once again be hosting Big Game Hunting Live! This is a monthly gaming event that takes place on the second Saturday of each month. Players will get a chance to learn and play a different game every month.

This month we'll be playing Eldritch Horror, a new horror survival game from Fantasy Flight. In this cooperative game, players – or investigators, as they're called – can travel the globe, so long as they make sure they close the gates to hell, battle off the creatures pouring through those gates, and stop one of the four Ancient Ones from awakening and destroying the world.

This game will feature a great deal of familiar mechanics to anyone who has played Arkham Horror, though that's certainly not a necessity to play! For a full review of this game, check out last week's post on the game.

Due to the nature of this game, we will be playing in two main sessions – morning (10:30am – 1:00pm) and afternoon (2pm – 5pm). The game requires a bit of explaining to get started, so we recommend you turn up as close to the start time as possible.

Rae loves any excuse to visit the Pyramids in this game

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