Friday, 13 December 2013

Advance notice - price increases coming December 31st

We all hate price increases, so I'll start by saying I'm sorry!

The rising price of utilities and other daily costs means that on December 31st, all comic prices will go up by an average of 10p. This will include any comics in Reservation Service folders, so if you want to beat the price increase pop in before Tuesday 31st December and clear out your stash (realistically the last day to do so is Saturday 28th December, as we are closed on that Sunday and Monday).

I don't undertake this action lightly, but it is worth noting that Proud Lion's comic prices haven't increased since early 2009, so we've been well under inflation for almost four years. Which really should count for something!

Reservation Service customers are reminded that we still offer the lose a bag or gain a board scheme, whereby you can choose to  either get your comics boarded for an extra 10p per issue or save 5p per issue by opting to have your comics filed au naturel, without comic bags. The latter would help off set some of the price increase if you're on a tighter budget. 

For more information, see me in store.

Ben Fardon loves this town but wishes the cost of living wasn't so damn high.

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