Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Nemesis - makes Kick-Ass look like S#!T!

In March 2010, Mark Millar and Steve McNiven unveil their new creator owned title, Nemesis.

Published by Marvel's Icon imprint, Nemesis was first teased with this image.

Issue one was featured in January's Marvel Previews with the following solicitation:


COVER BY: Steve Mcniven
WRITER: Mark Millar
PENCILS: Steve McNiven
INKS: Array
CIVIL WAR? Nothing. KICK-ASS? A warmup. What if the smartest, toughest costumed bad ass in the world was totally evil? Meet Nemesis. He’s systematically been destroying the lives of every police chief in Asia, and he’s now set his sights on Washington, DC. Between you and me, the police don’t have a chance. Do not miss the book that EVERYONE will be talking about by the creative team that made CIVIL WAR the biggest book of the decade.

Besides the aforementioned Civil War, Millar and McNiven also collaborated on last year's sensational Wolverine: Old Man Logan.

Mark Millar talked with Newsarama saying: ""Nemesis" is a reversal of the Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark archetype. What if this genius billionaire was just this total shit, and the only thing that stood between him and a city was the cops? It's Batman versus Commissioner Gordon, in a weird way. Or maybe a super-villain version of "Se7en." A billionaire anarchist up against ordinary people. The Joker's the best thing in the Batman movies, so this guy is a bit of an amalgamation of all the stuff we like."

Mark Millar is once again offering willing comic shops like Proud Lion the lucky opportunity of a free advert in the first issue of Nemesis. He did this with Kick Ass and War Heroes too, Proud Lion was too late for Kick Ass, but did get into War Heroes and we're doing it again! The above poster is printed and up in store, as seen below:

Nemesis #1 arrives in store in March. Kick Ass sold out time and time again during the eight issue run, so don't miss out - add it to your reservation today.

If you missed Kick Ass, the hardcover graphic novel is due this month. The trailers for the Kick Ass film can be seen here. The film is due out April 2nd in the UK.

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  1. Awesome!!
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    Think I might have to give that a go! (mr boyle prob will too i imagine)