Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Big Game Hunting - New Arrivals

Some new gaming products have arrived in store today.

First up is the first box of the Dragon Age RPG. Based on the hit computer game, Dragon Age Origins, the tabletop roleplaying game will be split into several boxed releases, taking the players to ever increasing levels.

The first box is the starter set and will guide you through levels 1 through 5, as your characters explore the Blight-ravaged world of Thedas. Written by Chris Pramas, Dragon Age RPG Box Set 1 includes a Player's Guide, a Games Master's Guide, dice and a full colur map of Ferelden.

If you enjoyed the Dragon Age computer game and are interested in trying traditional tabletop roleplaying this could be the perfect gateway game for you.

Fans of the Warhammer Invasion LCG will be pleased to hear that the latest Battle Pack is also among the new arrivals.

Tooth And Claw adds 20 new cards including Rat Ogres, Gutter Runners, Blue Horrors, the Anvil of Doom, Dwarf hero Gurni Thorgrimson and Ork hero Ugrok Beardburna.

The final new item this week is the new Dungeons & Dragons Martial Power 2 sourcebook from Wizards Of The Coast. Featuring new options for fighters, rangers, rogues, and warlords. Full of new paths, powers and feats, etc - this is the usual stuff you've come to expect from a 4E book. I play a Wizard at the moment, so there's not much in here for me but I'm sure the rest of my party will find some useful stuff as they level up.

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