Friday, 13 March 2015

Big Game Hunting Live presents TableTop Day 2015 [Gather Your] Party!

by Rae

For this year's International TableTop Day, Proud Lion are proud to present the TableTop Day 2015 [Gather Your] Party! Join us from 6:30pm until 11pm at 2PIGS in Cheltenham for an epic evening of board and party games! We will be playing host to an assortment of games, including:
  • Cash 'N Guns tournament, where players will compete for a place at the top table, the Mafia Don Showdown!
  • exhibition-style Star Trek: Attack Wing, where players are invited to bring a 60 point fleet (one or two ships) to join forces with the Oversized Borg Cube or help defend the DS9! *
  • Star Wars: X-Wing "Podrace In Space", where players are invited to bring a single ship (points TBD) and speed through two laps to be first to the finish line! This is just a bit of fun for TableTop Day! *
  • D&D Attack Wing custom scenario, where players are invited to bring a 80 point legion to combat each other over hand crafted tabletop scenery! *
  • late night game of Cards Against Humanity, minimum age 16 - please be aware this game can be considered offensive and may not suitable for those of a sensitive disposition!
  • Dead of Winter (TableTop Edition), a new and very popular post-apocalypse game where humanity is struggling to survive a zombie infestation, but a betrayer hides amongst them...
  • Pints of Blood: it's Shaun of the Dead in board game form. Seriously. We may even put the soundtrack on!

Several more games will be available to play, but feel free to bring your own as well! Every ticket purchased includes one entry into the Cheltenham TableTop Day Prize Draw. More details about the prize draw will be available soon.

* Please contact Proud Lion to reserve a slot for the Star Trek: Attack Wing, Star Wars: X-Wing, or D&D Attack Wing games. Participation is open to all ticket holders.

A free buffet will be available to all ticket holders in the venue, and drinks will be available for purchase from the bar.

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now!

Tickets are available for ages 14+. Children under 14 are free when accompanied by a paying adult (maximum two children per adult). Advance tickets will be available for purchase until 5pm on the day. Tickets purchased online will incur a 50p booking fee. Tickets on the door will be available from 6:30pm for £5.00.

Rae is starting to wonder if she can clone herself and play all the games.

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