Thursday, 12 March 2015

Big Game Hunting Live presents TableTop Day 2015

by Rae

Every year, Proud Lion takes part in an event devoted to encouraging people to play more games: International TableTop Day! This year the local gaming community in Cheltenham is joining forces to bring you the biggest and best TableTop Day yet. On Saturday 11 April 2015, take part in a Camden Crawl-style game day, where an assortment of locations will leave players spoiled for choice!

What is International TableTop Day?
International TableTop Day is an annual event celebrating tabletop gaming. People are encouraged to play more games, anywhere they can, and encourage others to join in. Many locations run open gaming for anyone to get involved, as we are! For more information about TableTop Day, how it began, and other events running on the day, check out the official website at

Where can I play games during the day?
Here at Proud Lion, we'll be offering a selection of card and dice games throughout the day, as well as a few of our favourite board games. Some of the games on offer include King of New York, Forbidden Desert, Munchkin Panic, Fluxx, and Ninja Dice! More details about when you can play these (and more!) will be available soon. All games will be open to the public, so just turn up and play! Proud Lion will be hosting open gaming in store from 10am to 5pm.

Around the corner at the 2PIGS, Pork Chop Gaming will be hosting tables full of epic games! Join in for some Warhammer 40K, Star Trek: Attack Wing, Star Wars: X-Wing, Wings of Glory and more. Pork Chop Gaming will be hosting their event from 10am until 6pm.

Slightly further afield you'll find St Paul's Boardroom! Based at St Paul's Church, this is where you'll find eurogames, co-ops, and classics. Some of the games you'll find here include Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders, and Five Tribes. St Paul's Boardroom will be running from 10am to 6pm.

Why should I go to more than one place?
You mean besides trying out a bunch of new games and meeting like-minded gamers? How about a prize draw where you can win some cooling gaming stuff? To encourage people to try out new locations and expand the local gaming community, Proud Lion will be hosting the Cheltenham TableTop Day Prize Draw!

The rules are simple. When you go to any venue, you can pick up one of our TableTop Day flyers. Play at least one game at any of the participating venues to get your flyer stamped or signed by the organiser. If you collect two stamps, you will earn one entry into the prize draw. Collect three stamps to get three entries! You will also receive one entry to the draw if you purchase a ticket to [Gather Your] Party! (more details below).

Prize draw? What kind of stuff could I win?
Prizes are currently set to include a month's membership with Pork Chop Gaming, a Munchkin hoody, games, vouchers, and more! A full list of prizes will be available soon.

What is [Gather Your] Party?
[Gather Your] Party is a Proud Lion hosted event taking place at the 2PIGS! Just in case we haven't packed enough into TableTop Day, in the evening we will be running even more gaming! Some of the events include a Cash 'N Guns tournament, exhibition-style Attack Wing games, and a late night game of Cards Against Humanity. There will be food, there will be a bar, and there will be a lot of gaming going on! Details about how to get tickets for this event will be available very shortly.

Questions? Comments?

Feel free to contact us at If any other venues are participating in tableTop Day and would like us to help spread the word, please do get in touch!

Rae has decided that gaming is definitely more important than sleep.

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