Thursday, 17 April 2014

Proud Lion 2.0 - we have lift off!

by Ben Fardon

After months of hints and speculation, we can confirm that Proud Lion is moving to new premises soon!

That's right, we are Oscar Mike. I finally got our hands on the keys to the new shop last Friday and work has already begun. We've been painting and starting the shop fit, with the hopes of being ready in time for Free Comic Book Day. It will all depend on how much we get done this Easter weekend, but rest assured we'll keep you posted!

Here's a few of the frequently asked questions that have been asked in store recently regarding our upcoming move. If you have a query that I don't cover, please email me (though bear in mind replies may take a little longer at present as we have a LOT on!).

Where is this fabled new location, Ben?

I'm glad you asked! Our new premises is 8 St Georges Place, Gl50 3JZ, opposite our friends at Badlands Records (don't forget it's Record Store Day this Saturday!). Some of you may remember it used to be the British School of Motoring offices a while back, and more recently it was a little art gallery.

It's just around the corner from the Library and The Wilson, Cheltenham's Art Gallery & Museum. There is a small, open air car park behind the  new premises.

Right now, it looks a little like the picture on the left (I had hoped to have an artist's impression of Proud Lion 2.0, but it's not been possible yet).

Here's a handy map I put together yesterday:

When will you be moving?

It's frustrating but I can't fix a date yet. As I say, it will depend on how much we get done this weekend. It is my goal to see us in there in time for Free Comic Book Day, but I'll provide regular progress updates.

Why are you moving? What's happening to the old location?

40 Albion Street has been our home for a little over six years and I'd love to stay if we could, but it's sadly not an option. The whole row of shops will be demolished in the near future, along with the old Odeon and the old car dealership to make room for a new mixed development of flats, houses and smaller shops.

We will retain the use of 40 Albion Street for the first few months that we have the new premises, allowing us to hang a huge banner directing our lovely customers to the new shop.

You don't seem to have much stock in at the moment - are you really moving, or are you closing down?

We are moving! I have every intention of guiding Proud Lion from our impending sixth birthday through to our tenth birthday and beyond! It's true, I'm not doing any large restocks just yet but this is simply due to logistics. The more stock we have in store now, the more we have to move to 8 St Georges Place in the next few weeks and the greater the risk that things will get damaged in the move.

Anything we can do to help?

Bless you, you guys rock. We've had loads of offers of help and they're all very gratefully received. If we do end up needing any assistance, I'll be sure to put out a request on our social media feeds. Thanks again!

Right, I'd best get my nose back to the grindstone. Lots to do and deadlines are looming. Have a lovely Easter folks!

Ben Fardon is not allowed in lifts with other people anymore.


  1. Yay! Congrats! Much more central, should get a lot more passing trade hopefully, way to turn a tricky situation into a positive move.