Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Proud Lion 2.0 - I assure you we've moved!

Phew. Well, we made it. Today we laid out the rest of the stock, fixed some posters to the wall and did a bunch of other important things, including hanging this sign in the window of the old shop:

After this picture was taken, we returned and removed the shop sign and the web address sign - don't be alarmed!

I'd be lying if I said we were completely finished. We still have to wait for our telecoms provider to migrate our line over, so for now we're strictly a 3G and email shop. The phone number should be operational again mid-May. I'll keep you posted.

It'll also be a short while before we have back issues in the new shop. They are coming though, so don't panic! We're simply waiting on some new furniture for that section - nothing fancy.

We also don't have our signs up on the exterior of the building yet. They'll be up soon. With the wonderful assistance of Rae and the ever lovely Charlie, we were able to rescue the old sign.  I'll post pictures when the exterior is finished, as we have a few fun ideas to add to the building, including a new front door. For now, you'll find the door propped open welcoming you to come on in!

Speaking of signage, our bay tops aren't up yet either. These will be up in the near future. Most of these finishing touches will be put in place after Free Comic Book Day, but for now our focus is on making sure we don't miss a single new comics day. Amazing Spidey #1 tomorrow! (Uh, today?)

I'm very, very tired and tomorrow is delivery day, so I'll sign off now with a gallery of images showcasing the new shop. See you tomorrow folks, we'll be open at 8 St George's Place (opposite Badlands Records) from 10am - 6:30pm.

Ben Fardon is dog tired but looking forward to the arrival of new stock to fill up the new shop.

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  1. Walked past your window today and had a titchy geekgasm. Best.Moving.Sign.Ever. Best of luck with the shiny new shop.