Friday, 3 May 2013

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day!

Only one sleep to go, then it's Free Comic Book Day! Our line up of freebies can be found here along with some shiny extras we've added at the last minute!

Ahead of the big day, can I please just remind people that we're open 10am-5pm tomorrow. If you arrive early, please respect our neighbouring businesses by keeping the noise down and queuing sensibly. Make sure you leave access to their premises please!

The morning is often the busiest as folks get down looking to get the full range of comics before we start to run out of certain titles! This means we may have to instigate a "one in, one out" policy at the door until the rush dies down (some of you may remember we had to do this last year!), so please be prepared for that.

Right, that's the disclaimers and notices out of the way! Lets's have some fun! Free Comic Book Day is a wonderful event for us and I'm always delighted to host it, I look forward to seeing you all in store.

Here's some words from Wolverine:

Ben Fardon will be working late, laying out all the freebies on the table upstairs...

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