Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Free Comic Book Day 2013 - many thanks!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make Free Comic Book Day 2013 at Proud Lion such a roaring success! 

We exceeded last year's phenomenal event in every way. More comics, a larger selection, a bigger turn out... AND we ran out of comics quicker than last year too!

The photo below shows just how huge the spread on offer was before we opened the doors. Apologies to anyone who missed out, we had loads and it still wasn't enough! 

The right side features all the kids comics we also had on offer at the start of the day. Thanks to every grown up who respected our request to limit their selections from from this section to two, so that more children could get chance to get free comics! We still ran out by midday! 

We had some fantastic cosplayers on the day and it was a genuine pleasure to give out free Iron Man 3 HeroClix to those in costume. There were Watchmen, Sith, Ewoks, Batman, Iron Man and an awesome female Han Solo! Congratulations to everyone, you looked wonderful! (Thanks to Todd Marsh for the photos.)

Many thanks to everyone who persevered through the busiest part of the day, when we had to limit the people upstairs to one out, one in. And my eternal gratitude to everyone who helped out, which includes anyone who made a purchase or gave a generous donation to charity.

We had cookies and cakes on offer on the day! In the end, our bakers helped us raise £40 for Winston's Wish!

Roll on next year. Saturday 3rd May - save the date!

Ben Fardon is loving the beautiful weather.

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