Thursday, 23 May 2013

New Beginnings - The Green Team #1

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the new DC title, The Movement brought to us by Gail Simone. In that issue the main characters and setting were very much centred around the idea of “the common man” or the normal 99% of the population. By contrast this week’s comic, The Green Team, is the complete and polar opposite in terms of wealth. The 1%.

As a side note it is worth mentioning that The Green Team was previously a DC comic back in the Seventies, but that was more about the Boy Millionaires being involved in adventures rather than being an actual part of them. The Teen Trillionaires will be more involved in this incarnation.

Now whereas The Movement was focussed on the situation and surrounding events, Art Baltazar has made this a more self-centred piece initially revolving around Prince Mohammed “Mo” Qahtanii. Trying to step out of his father’s shadow he is striking out on his own by visiting a Pop-up Expo. The main motivation for is the hope of meeting Commodore Murphy, one of the richest kids in the world and apparently getting richer by the minute too.

The differences between them as characters are huge. Mo is shy, reserved and introverted, whereas Commodore is bold, outgoing and almost brash. The common ground between them though is that neither of them flaunt their social positions.

As a result this issue is mainly about excessively wealthy kids befriending each other, and showcasing their developing personalities. It also looks to be a catalyst for Mo to grow personally as well because the main inference in this is that he has lead a very sheltered life under his father with his naivety becoming the main reason for the how the issue concludes.

What is also hinted at is that Commodore is looking to use his wealth to chase his own superhero dream, one that quickly becomes realised by the issue end. If anything though he is ironically more like a ruthless version of Lex Luthor with an unlimited budget.

This final thought - and the previous dynamic - is what I am guessing is going to become the main crux of the arc. Although money won’t be the saving factor, it will be the instigator. The solicitations for the third issue talk about Commodore hiring Deathstroke. Certainly judging by the cover, the kids look set to make fools of themselves in front of Slade Wilson, which seems set to be very entertaining!

Now there is plenty of movement in the story as it can literally go anywhere but first of all they have to escape The Riot Act.

For the issue Baltazar has teamed up with Ig Guara for the artwork. I’m in a middle ground with it as I don’t find it low quality but also it’s not amazing. There is a cartoon-esque quality that I used to see a lot in the Amazing Spider-Man but also some really fine pencil work too. I'd say it's good but not great.

One aspect I did like about it though which I feel may have been more of Mayer’s (inker) and Quintana’s (colourist) influence is how the characters pop from each frame. Time has been taken to ensure that the colours for them are crisp and sharp whereas the background is toned in a similar but slightly muted way.

As a first issue of a reinvented team, it has certainly introduced them in true New 52 fashion; but there is only so much that can be done in one issue. For me it will be up to the following comics to flesh this out more into a beefier title, though it certainly arrived with more meat on its bones than The Movement. 

Matt Puddy wonders how long it is until the inevitable crossover.

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