Thursday, 13 December 2012

New Beginnings - Cable & X-Force #1

After this year's earlier review of Marvel Now Point One it was safe to say that I was more than a little excited by the prospect of this new title. OK, I admit that Cable and Forge are not characters I have any real knowledge about, however the teaser that we were given was great. Couple that with the previewed cover for issue #1, and I was sold from the moment I saw it. So was I right?

Staying with the artwork, my expectations were quite high. The combination of Salvador Larroca and Frank D’Armata is one that has been seen before on Invincible Iron Man, and it has a huge amount of detail in it. I am biased as Larroca has probably my favourite comic book artist and this occasion is one that will simply further that. The lines are smooth and clean with plenty to take in through every frame. Everything seems to have been carefully considered, all the way down to the reactions and facial expressions of those who aren’t in the forefront of the frame. For me he even managed to make Dr. Nemesis - from behind his mask - appear nervous in a fantastic little section where Hope is reunited with Cable.

The character makeovers are good too. A new version of the team has been designed, without compromising who they are. The attention to detail gives greater depth for this as well, with all the technical aspects of Forge and Cable being further emphasised.

My only complaint is the colouring. Throughout D’Armata's prestigious career his use of colour has been vast, but for whatever reason it appears that all he is left with is mainly green and its various shades to use. It doesn’t lessen the comic but was something that stuck out for me.

The story is written by Dennis Hopeless (X-Men Season One and Avengers Arena - also out this week) and starts with a seemingly destructive scene being broken up by Havok and his team of Uncanny Avengers. There’s actually quite a tongue-in-cheek moment when Alex comments on the bad name the Summers family is getting - referring to Cable’s Dad aka Cyclops. The story skips back to a few days earlier where we learn how Cable received his new arm and also how the team is put together (with the exception of Colossus).

Domino receives the lion's share though as we follow her in a slightly humourous fashion on a job, but this is essentially a bridge to bring her in as well as catalysing the meeting of Cable and Hope. All this capitulates in a vision that Cable has had (complete with severe headaches) as it comes true; a ship wrecks itself on a beach seemingly infected with the techno-organic virus that he recently became rid of.

The story was so good I'd devoured it before I knew it. The old adage of time flying when you have fun was ringing true. I was left wanting to see and know more, which in my book is a very good sign. Admittedly though, there wasn’t much more than set up in the first issue and although you can guess the path that it will go down given Cable’s past. I really enjoyed this title and immediately asked for it to go on my pulllist the moment I got a copy in my paws (without even reading it I have to add too) and I haven’t been disappointed. For old and new readers of X-Force alike I would suggest getting a copy.

Matt Puddy is excited to learn that issue #2 is out next week!

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