Friday, 14 December 2012

Marvel Now Iron Man - SPECIAL OFFER!

After being gravely disappointed with the first issue of the new Iron Man series, I have to say issues #2 and #3 were a mild improvement for me, but still left me pining for ol' Shellhead's better days.

Thankfully, I'm pleased to discover that with issue #4, Kieron Gillen may have finally found his feet! It's a wonderful issue, one that feels fresh and compelling, rather than trading on past glories. The story also plays to Greg Land's strengths too, and leaves an interesting thread for future storytelling.

To celebrate, here's a special offer for all the blog readers. Buy Iron Man #4 at full price, and get any or all of the previous issues for only £1.50 per issue. That's a saving of over 50% on the back issues!

Offer available whilst stock last. Merry Christmas Tony Stark!

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