Friday, 30 December 2011

The Watcher - Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

My mission if I chose to accept it. To visit our capital and experience Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol along with the Dark Knight Rises preview in a way like no other, on the massive IMAX screen. Myself and the other members of the Proud Lion Watchers Council took on this adventure. Of course the challenge was accepted, I mean does anyone ever refuse a mission?

I was in awe of the massive IMAX screen right from the start, wondering why I had not been to do this sooner. The opening prison break sequence leaves the viewer wondering what is happening and why, but as the escape continues the situation escalates, building to its climax and then the theme music rolls - the fuse is lit and I’m ready for action!

Rather unusually as the fuse is running its path, scenes from the movie are played out of sequence in the background, rather like a trailer. Why would I want to see scenes from a movie I am about to watch?

We pick things up in Russia and further plot points are revealed, bad guys, bombs and the need for the launch codes, you know the usual. There are some genuine laugh out loud moments during this as Pegg and Cruise are both trying to infiltrate the Kremlin with the assistance of some very nifty gadgets. (Filling a much needed gap left by the current Bond movies?)

I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that Pegg has now been given a slightly bigger role in this movie, he adds his usual charm and comedy to the role. But I do feel like they could have given his character a bit more to do as it feels like his is the only one without an additional agenda and is left to be just comic relief.

The initial mission has failed and now the IMF (Impossible Mission Force for those not in the know) has been disavowed. Our main group are being blamed for something they did not do and now they have to go rogue to clear their names and stop a megalomaniac blowing up the world in order to try and bring peace.

Our agents are hounded by Russian police, all while trying to track arms dealers, gain information from assassins and media tycoons. Oh and of course stop the main man himself from completing his plans of destruction. Unfortunately this is my main issue with the film, there is a distinct lack of a solid villain. Phillip Seymour Hoffman in MI3 was a tour de force and held the audience captivated every time he was on screen. In comparison this movie is just left wanting.

Don’t let that deter you though, the rest of what is going on is brilliant. As the action moves to Dubai, I believe the movie reaches its high points as we see stunning shots of the Dubai desert, sandstorm chases and the heights of the Burj Khalifa building. This scene is particularly exhilarating to say the least as Cruise himself is hung near the top of the 2716 foot building, even with harnesses I would still call that brown trouser time.

We also discover that there is more to Jeremy Renner’s character than meets the eye, as he is holding a secret from the team. He is definitely one to watch and I personally cannot wait for his role as Hawkeye in the Avengers movie.

I would highly recommend this movie for an entertaining evening, if you can see it in IMAX then do so as your experience will be tenfold. All in all a standard story with stunning visuals and some fun cast, worth a watch. I am counting down the days to my next IMAX trip, The Dark Knight Rises here we come!

Stefan Harkins will self destruct in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

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