Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Reservation Service - an important change to the Terms & Conditions

It is with regret I'm afraid I have to amend the Terms & Conditions for the Proud Lion Reservation Service. I have always done my best to ensure that that Reservation Service customers never miss an issue and in the rare occasions you might, I make every effort to find one from one of my other suppliers. In return I have asked that customers keep their folders clear, picking up comics in a timely manner and completely clearing their folder out at least once every three months. I've also asked that you give me fair notice before cancelling any titles from your orders, or indeed cancelling your Reservation Folder altogether.

Most of my customers have been really good with this, but some are consistently overdue and a significant few have seriously let me down over the past few years. Sadly, this autumn has been the worst for this. I've had a number of large Reservation Folders go unclaimed, with stories ranging from “I thought you had closed down,” to “I've moved to Cornwall for work.” Seriously, at what point whilst moving does it not occur to a person to pop into their local comic shop and cancel their order? Another customer went travelling for a few months and asked me to keep his folder going for longer than usual. After nine months and numerous attempts to contact him, I was forced to conclude that he wasn't coming back after all.

The problem with this is that US comic books are supplied to me by Diamond on a Firm Sale basis, not Sale Or Return (SOR). I'm stuck with them if a customer fails to collect what they ordered and it means I risk making a loss. Proud Lion will have been trading for four years in March 2012 – in a very, very difficult economic climate. For this to continue though, I have to put an end to the culture of Free Credit that exists within the comic shop community and their pull lists - in my store at least.

You can download new Terms & Conditions here, but I'll quickly summarise the key points.

Most significantly, you will all be required to pay a £10 deposit by January 31st, or your Reservation Folder will be terminated. This is not negotiable, but it will be refunded to you should you choose to cancel your Reservation Folder at a later date – provided you adhere to the additional Terms & Conditions.

The length of time which I will hold onto items in your folder will now reduce to two calendar months for comics and graphic novels (four weeks for magazines). Should you need any longer for holiday, etc. you will need to speak to me in advance so we can make appropriate arrangements.

Finally, should you want to alter your Reservation Folder by removing any titles, I will need a full calendar month's notice and you will liable for any issues of those titles that I cannot cancel with my supplier(s). Should you wish to terminate your Reservation Folder altogether I will also need a full calendar month's notice and you will be required to buy everything that is in your folder at the end of that notice period. Otherwise you will forfeit your deposit.

This is being done to protect myself and all of my loyal customers. No one wants to see Proud Lion close because a few bad apples ruined it for the rest of us.

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  1. I'm happy to stump up the cash! Whats the deadline for sorting things out with you?

    Does this mean we'd have to re-order everything in our folders?

  2. No, you won't need to reorder anything. Provided the deposit is paid by January 31st, your folder will continue as normal (as outlined in the article above, second paragraph after the picture). Cheers.