Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Watcher - Misfits, series two, episode one


Freak hail, powers, murder and a mouthy Irish kid. (SAVE ME BARRY!) Oh and did I mention murder?

If you haven’t watched the first series then STOP reading this and go watch it!
We start series two of Misfits with the return of the infamous ‘super hoodie’, some scenes of love and an amazing paper airplane flight! We are also introduced to our Misfits new probation worker - Shaun, who it would seem is a little more care free than what they are used to so far.

As per usual the group is put to a menial task, at which point we are shown someone that seems to recognize Simon - a very creepy looking girl. Her name is Lucy and she seems to have a past with Simon as well a slight obsession.

Lucy gets creepier after being insulted and shunned by the gang. Well, mainly by a newly returned Nathan (whose return to the world of the living fits the character perfectly) and then we’re shown what secrets Lucy’s been hiding - her power is displayed with simple and brilliant effect that is certain to make you shudder.

She decides to take revenge by pulling some pranks on the group which involve their feelings and relationships, during which time her past is revealed, along with something which Simon has tried to keep under wraps since the last series.

The pace of the episode really starts to quicken now as our Misfits are chasing a common enemy; in addition, Simon is made to feel like he is officially part of something and actually has proper friends.

Monkeyslut is blown! Murder occurs once again and the tooled up, new and improved, ‘super hoodie’ saves the day for one misfit. Where does he get those wonderful toys?! In proper bunny-boiler style Lucy singles Simon out so she can have him all to herself. I was wonderfully surprised by the skill shown by Iwan Rheon whilst playing multi-faceted sides of Simon.

A quick break for Cornettos (surely a reference to Simon Pegg and co?), then the group commences a very clumsy removal of Simon’s secret. Kudos to Tom Green for his direction and camera work as things are portrayed brilliantly.

This series manages to perfectly balance drama/comedy throughout – one minute you are laughing to the point of tears at something Nathan’s said, the next you realise he really has honest feelings for Kelly.

I also love this episodes music, the songs of which have been listed on the official site - I hope they do this every week as it makes me want to go back through the first series and re-listen just to see what I have missed!

Stefan Harkins is also known as Harry Stamper. Amongst other things.

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  1. Nice Review Stefan, love this Series as the Acting/Writing/Music/Camerawork etc. is at a level seldom experienced.. But next to No One have seen it here. So Me & the Missus can't really nerd it to anybody but ourselves.