Thursday, 11 November 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas - Stocking Fillers

Six weeks till Christmas? Blimey.

Our Christmas window display went in this week, there's no denying the season is nearly upon us once more.

This year Proud Lion has a bunch of fun ideas for stocking fillers or Secret Santa gifts that I want to share with you.

Doctor Who fans should consider the simple TARDIS mug - blue and white with the Police Telephone sign on one side and the recently restored St John's Ambulance logo on the other. Unlike the square TARDIS mugs that I personally would struggle to drink out of, this is a straightforward round mug. Priced at £6.00.

We also have some awesome Doctor Who wallets priced a £12.50 each. These are plain black wallets with a retro Doctor Who logo on the front, but open them up and get a glorious technicolour montage of the Fourth Doctor, the TARDIS, K-9, a Dalek and a Cyberman.

If you like your entertainment a little less family, chance are you enjoyed Kick Ass. In which case, we also have some wonderfully offensive Kick Ass mugs priced at £8.00 each. Be warned some of these are probably Not Safe For Work! In addition, the In Your Pocket keychain range has added a Kick Ass one, with six phrases from the movie. The keychains are priced at £10.00 each.

Star Wars has always had some of the coolest merchandise in the world and this year is no exception. We have two new sets of Lightsaber Chopsticks in stock, each priced at £20.00. Both include some awesome red Darth Maul chopsticks that clip together! One set features purple Mace Windu chopsticks, the other features Luke's green Return Of The Jedi lightsaber.

Possibly even more exciting is the Star Wars Science Mini Lightsaber Tech Lab. This allows you to build a 20cm replica of Anakin's lightsaber - choosing either a red crystal or blue crystal plus the choice of light-up blade or one of two focusing lenses. An enclosed science leaflet is designed to teach younger fans about light and optics - making this one of the best edutainment toys I've ever seen. At £12.50, this is a great little present for a Star Wars fan - even if it is based on the CGI CLone Wars animated cartoon.

Beyond these lovely little gifts, there are also Hellboy keyrings (three different designs at £3.00 each); Watchmen badges (packs of four at £2.50 per pack); mini figure and book sets for Snoopy & Woodstock or Spy Vs Spy (£7.00 each); a Family Guy Freaking Sweet Crapola set filled with Drunken Clam beer coasters, drinks stirrers, Brian's martini guide, a Peter Vs Giant Chicken poster and a drink can snug (£13.00); Scott Pilgrim Vs The World plush toys of Scott or Ramona, based on Bryan Lee O'Malley's artwork (£15.00 each); Batman Cosbaby mini figures (£9.00 each); World Of Warcraft leather wallets for Alliance or Horde (£25.00 each); and Nightmare Before Christmas Kubrick twin packs (£18.00 each).

Don't forget we can order any graphic novel that is in print and have it with you within a week. The final cut off for graphic novel orders for Christmas is Monday 20th December, but I would recommend you don't leave it till the last minute!

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