Monday, 22 November 2010

Bite Sized Morsels - The Prowling The Savannah Digest

Slowly, like a belligerent teenager who is just starting to grasp the realities of life, Prowling The Savannah is pulling its socks up. The Proud Lion blog is aiming to produce more new content to a regular schedule each week.

Here's what you might have missed last week:

The Watcher - Skyline
Wednesday saw one of our new features debut with a double hitter. The Watcher will review the best of current superhero, science fiction, fantasy and horror TV, films and more. Last week new contributor Phil Davies took a look at Skyline...

The Watcher - Misfits, series two, episode one
...and Stefan Harkins reviewed the start of the new series of E4's Misfits.

New Beginnings - Teen Titans #88
On Thursday New Beginnings returned, spotlighting the best new comics around. Whether it be an issue one, or a new jump-on point for an existing title, this weekly column will give you an honest review of any hot new issues clamouring for your attention. This week, new contributor Matt Puddy had a read of Teen Titans #88, which saw the introduction of Damian to the team.

Finally on Friday, another new column. My weekly look at the biggest news from comics, gaming, TV and films. Amongst other things this week, we had trailers for Green Lantern and Cowboys And Aliens.

Right, you're all caught up on our first new week of content. There's more to come this week, with new columns hoping to join the party.

Gamers rejoice, Big Game Hunting will be returning soon too, with a look at new board games and RPG or feature articles on classics or trends.

And at weekends we're hoping to launch showcase some strong opinions. Watch this space!

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