Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Big Game Hunting - Horus Heresy, Unboxed

The shiny new Horus Heresy has arrived in store!

I loved this game in it's original iteration back in 1993. Designed by Jervis Johnson, it was a counter based tactical wargame that recreated the battle between the Emperor and Warmaster Horus - a legendary conflict in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

These days Games Workshop focus on their table top miniature games and have licensed Fantasy Flight to produce card and board games based on this products. Some of this has taken the form of representing existing Games Workshop games such as Talisman and Chaos Marauders. Original new games are also popping up like the Warhammer Fantasy Invasion LCG and Chaos In The Old World.

These have all been fairly excellent games, so I was excited when they announced Horus Heresy was next. However when I saw the $100 price tag I was a little concerned. Sure, it looked beautiful. But that would work out around £70 over here based on recent Fantasy Flight imports.

Well, it has come in at £75. It's a lot of money. But I still wanted one. And it occurred to that other gamers might like to see what they will get for their money. So here's a first for Proud Lion, an unboxing video.

I will follow this up at a later date with a review based on our first game. I'm really looking forward to giving this sucker a go!

In the meantime, Horus heresy is in stock at Proud Lion right now, and don't forget that we do pricematch our online competitors on board games.

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