Friday, 23 April 2010

New Comic Boxes - Volstor StorDror

Here's something new! Volstor StorDror comic boxes are now in stock.

Slightly larger than our ComiCare small boxes, these consist of a drawer and an outer sleeve, rather than the traditional box and lid approach.

The drawer has removable dividers, allowing you to segment your comics and keep them upright even if you don't have a full box.

The outer sleeve is reinforced by an additional cardboard insert, meaning that you can easily stack these boxes and take a drawer out to get at the contents without them all crashing down.

We wouldn't recommend stacking them more than three boxes high however, just to be on the safe side.

StorDror boxes are available in store at Proud Lion right now - they are £9.00 each. I'm going to swap my ageing comic boxes for these beauties.

Here are the folding instructions for the drawer (click on the image to make bigger):

These are the folding instructions for the outer section (click on the image to make bigger):

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