Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Big Game Hunting - a special offer for in store customers

A big thank you to everyone who is getting involved with yesterday's appeal for help growing the Pride!

The shiny bonuses on offer are all comic and graphic novel related, but Proud Lion is more than just a comic shop.

We also sell boardgames and other shiny items and we wanted to treat gamers to a little something special too.

From now on, Proud Lion will Price Match boardgames!

This offer will not be advertised in store, only visitors to this blog will know about it.

If you want a boardgame, we will match any price you find online. This offers only applies to customers who come into the shop, proudlion.co.uk will not be participating at this time.

The matched price is subject to the following criteria:

a) the price must come from a retailer based in the UK
(we regret, eBay stores are not elgible)

b) the product must be in stock with said retailer

c) the price must include any relevant shipping costs
(i.e. the price Proud Lion matches will include price plus P&P)

d) Proud Lion reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time

Also remember the stock we hold in store is a fraction of what we can get from our suppliers, so if we don't have it in stock - please do ask!

Sadly, we cannot offer to price match any other product department at this time.

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