Friday, 5 March 2010

Proud Lion Recommends Kevin Smith's Green Hornet, Prelude To The Deadpool Corps and Stephen King's N

Four new titles for you to check out this week.

First up is Kevin Smith's Green Hornet.

In 2004, Kevin Smith was working on bringing a Green Hornet film to the big screens.

Eventually the project was put on the back burner and by 2006, Smith was no longer involved.

A new film adaptation is due later this year, directed by Michel Gondry and starring Seth Rogen, along with Cameron Diaz, Christoph Waltz and Edward James Olmos.

Dynamite Entertainment have given Kevin Smith the chance to reinvigorate his vision for the masked vigilante, by adapting his screenplay into a comic miniseries with art from Jonathan Lau.

The first issue sets the scene, re-introducing the original Green Hornet and Kato as they decide to hang up their masks. We then jump forward to meet Green Hornet's son - a man far from ready to take up his father's mantle.

It's a wordy and oddly paced first issue, as Smith's comic scripts sometimes are, but the art is wonderful and I have no doubt that the focus of the series will be the new Green Hornet, who has yet to make his mark.

I don't often recommend titles where the first issue make me feel that I have to see issue #2 before I can have real faith in the series. But as a fan of Kevin Smith's work, I remain hopeful that this title will flourish in the subsequent issues. Definitely worth a go.

Next up is a title taking a healthy swipe at the Green Lantern Corps. In recent issues of Deadpool, Merc With A Mouth, the crazy assassin for hire crossed the multiverse with the undead head of his Marvel Zombies double. On their journeys, they met several other alternate universe versions of Deadpool, including Lady Deadpool with whom our own DP shared a somewhat ill-advised smooch.

Well now Deadpool has been asked to save the universe and he's assembling a motley crew of himself to help him. Prepare to meet Lady Deadpool, Headpool (the zombie head), Kidpool and Dogpool.

I kid you not.

If you want something wonderfully daft, give it a go!

Finally we have a new Stephen King adaptation. Following on from the Dark Tower series and The Stand, Marvel have picked N and short story from King's recent collection of short sotries, Just After Sunset.

With art from former Daredevil penciller, Alex Maleev, and a script by Marc Guggenheim, N is a four issue miniseries. Marvel fist adapted the short story as a series of motion comic webisodes. Having been viewed over a million times, the webisodes are now expanded and adapted into comic books.

The eponymous title character suffers from OCD and paranoid delusions, according to his psychiatrist. N believes a monster called Cthun is trying to break through from another reality, using a stone circle near the town.

Fascinated by his patient's claims, Dr Bonsaint travels to the field to investigate and discovers more than he bargained for. Mental health isn't contagious, he knows that. And yet he discovers that in his own professional opinion he is also suffering from OCD and can see demonic faces in his dreams.

Dreams that warn him that Cthun is now free.

Sleep well...

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