Monday, 29 March 2010

Proud Lion needs you!

Hello true believers! This is a call to arms!

We want more fans! More followers! Narcissism demands it!


If you are on Facebook, become a fan of Proud Lion here then suggest the Proud Lion page to your friends!

The 500th fan will win a free graphic novel (the lucky fan will be able to choose from a select list), and will able to nominate the person who suggested the page to them to win a free graphic novel too!

If several people suggest the same 500th fan, said fan will be able to choose who is the benefactor, so be nice to people!

No adding and removing yourself from fans to try to cheat the system - we will be paying close attention.


Over on the Twitterverse, you can find Proud Lion here. Spread the word by copying and pasting the tweet below every Friday!

#ff #followfriday @proudlioncomics, Gloucestershire's premier comic and gaming shop, RT for the chance to win a free comic!

Every such tweet on a Friday will be entered into a draw to win a free comic of our choosing. You benefit from spreading the word. Tweet more than once to improve your chances!

The draw will be done on Saturday and the lucky Twitter user will be notified via direct message.

The 500th follower will also win a free graphic novel (again from a select list)!

Again no following and unfollowing yourself to try to fool the system - we will be watching.

Get involved!

We're also looking for bloggers to contribute to this very blog! If you're interested, please email and put "Potential Blog Contributor" in the subject header.

Thanks everyone, see you in store!

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