Monday, 19 January 2015

Contacting us online

by Ben Fardon

Folks, we've seen exponential growth as a family business over the last year, but one thing you may have noticed we're struggling with is online correspondence.

This is part of the modern condition, but we need to consolidate the avenues through which you can reach us. This should hopefully speed up response times for you, and rest assured we definitely do still want to hear from you!

Worth bearing in mind that during the delivery days and new comics days (usually Tuesday and Wednesday), we'll be pretty busy in the store and may not get chance to go through our email until things calm down, so please keep that in mind to avoid frustration.

The best and fastest way to get in touch is to email us at You can also call us during opening times, though if we're all busy serving customers in the store we're sorry but we may not be able to answer the phone the first time. In that instance, please do try again!

Twitter will remain unchanged, you can find us at @proudlioncomics where you can tweet at us or DM us, although bear in mind the character limit of Twitter means it's often better to send an email.

Our Facebook page will also remain unchanged, but we will be turning off Facebook messages through the page at the end of January. Instead, please now email us at

Quite often we receive emails asking when certains comics or graphic novels are released. I highly recommend using the excellent when looking for these release dates as it's very helpful.

In addition, we do have a weekly email newsletter that features a digest of all of our biggest news stories, special offers and more. You can sign up for that newsletter below:

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