Friday, 17 October 2014

Carrier bags and charity - United Nations System Response to the Ebola Outbreak

by Ben Fardon

Hi folks,

The last financial quarter finished a few weeks ago, and I've been mulling over what to do with our latest charitable donation from carrier bag proceeds. Then I read today's news reports and saw that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was appealing for more money to be donated to the Ebola trust fund and I knew what we had to do.

This was our fourteenth full quarter and together we raised £36.66.

Last time I donated to St Luke’s Hospice, an organisation that provides free end of life care in Plymouth, SW Devon & East Cornwall. St Luke’s has to raise £4.5 million year with 86p of every £1 that is donated going to patient care. St Luke's helped the family of a friend of ours earlier this year and he set out last month to trek 26.2 miles along Offa's Dyke, the ancient wall that once separated Wales and England. You can find out more by visiting his walking team's Just Giving page.

As I say, this time I'm making a donation to the United Nations System Response to the Ebola Outbreak. This trust was set up to unite efforts of the UN to stop the outbreak, treat the infected, ensure continuity within affected countries and prevent outbreaks in countries currently unaffected.  Our contribution will provide vital support to the United Nations as it works to halt the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and treat the thousands of people who have been infected with Ebola virus disease. Thanks to our contribution, the World Health Organization will be able to procure vital supplies, such as personal protective equipment and chlorine, as well as provide crucial technical assistance to the governments of Ebola-affected countries.

I won't grandstand or lecture you as to why this is important, other than to say this is something the rest of the world should have done something to help with far sooner.

The trust accepts donation is US Dollars, so I've converted the £36.66 and rounded it up to $60.00. If you'd like to make a donation yourself, you can do so here.

The next carrier bag donation should be in early January. If you have a charity you'd like Proud Lion to support, please email me at

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