Saturday, 14 June 2014

Cheltenham Drink & Draw - July 2014

by Rae

Earlier this month on a quiet Tuesday night, we and several like-minded folks found ourselves sitting in Boston Tea Party with a drink in one hand and a pencil or a Sharpie in the other. We were surrounded by papers with sketches, paintings, and drawings, made by both artists and the artistically challenged (like myself). We called this night Cheltenham Drink & Draw, and it was a fantastic gathering of people who just wanted to sit down in good company and draw.

On the evening, we decided to host a little competition. Everyone at the event was invited to submit their designs to the contest. All the entries are now available to view on Cheltenham Drink & Draw album on the Proud Lion Facebook page. Feel free to "Like" any image you think deserves to win. The image with the most "Likes" by Monday June 23rd will be the winner!

The winning prize is a pre-selected pack of recent awesome comics! The winning piece will also be displayed in Proud Lion until the next Cheltenham Drink & Draw. To vote for your favourite(s), go to the album on the Facebook page! (Please note that due to data protection, all names, email addresses, and signatures have been removed from the scanned versions of these images.)

Now, back to the subject of the next Drink & Draw! We are happy to say that this will definitely become a monthly event! On the first Tuesday of every month, you'll find us all piling into Boston Tea Party in Cheltenham from 6:30pm. Each month will have a different theme. Because The Lego Movie will have its DVD/Blu-ray release in July, the theme for Tuesday July 1st is Lego!

You may be wondering how exactly one is meant to draw Lego. Maybe these could provide some inspiration?

Of course, we don't expect you all to restrict yourself to comic book styles! Feel free to use the theme to inspire you to draw anything you like. In fact, why don't you bring some Lego bricks with you to bolster your creativity? It would be pretty cool to see some still-life images based on models built on the night. We'll make sure to bring a few bits and pieces of our own, as well as anything we can find to draw up some fresh ideas! (No pun intended. Really.)

Rae is looking forward to showing off her (lack of) artistic skills again.

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