Friday, 27 September 2013

Villains' Month - Thank You from the Co-Publishers (but still no apology)

Speaking of press releases, here's the one I received earlier this week form DC regarding the end of Villains' Month. 


Dear Retailers:

We'd like to take a moment to thank you for all your support for DC's Villains Month. From the time we started to talk about this initiative with you, we knew it would be an extraordinary and challenging venture. We also knew that there would be several concerns over ordering and allocations, and we fully appreciate your working with us through every stage of this process. And while we had bumps along the way, we hope, in the end, the outcome was positive for all involved. We listened to you and have learned from the experience as we continue to look at ways to excite and invigorate the market.

Villains Month has been one of the most exceptional and successful months DC Entertainment has ever seen, and we owe so much of that success to our long and continuing partnership!

Again, thank you!

Your villainous Co-Publishers,

Jim Lee
Dan DiDio

What an absolute farce it's been and what a joke their final message is. Still no apology to any of us. To my mind the most important thing wherever possible is customer satisfaction, and there''s no hint of an apology here acknowledging the fact that many of you were left disappointed.

On behalf of myself and Proud Lion, I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience many of you have experienced during this overblown promotion and grateful to you all for bearing with us.

Ben Fardon is glad that Forever Evil #1 was great, despite this awful Villains' Month backdrop.

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