Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Copies of The Movement #1 and Red Sonja #2 signed by Gail Simone now available in store

Many you will probably remember that during the kerfuffle DC created when they briefly took Gail Simone off the ongoing Batgirl title, I wrestled with an appropriate response. Gail's writing had always been work I had admired, but her New 52 Batgirl run in particular had silenced the initial misgivings I'd had when DC had announced Babs wouldn't be Oracle in the reboot. In fact, I'd go so far as to say I don't think anyone else could have won me over on this matter.

Coupled with the fact that Gail was one of the few female writers on the New 52 in an industry that needs to continue to strive towards a greater gender balance, I was left furious and reactionary.

My initial thought was to boycott Batgirl as it moved forward without Gail, but cooler heads prevailed as I realised that would have no positive effect. It would only serve to punish my loyal customers who were collecting the title regardless of the creative team (and there is nothing wrong with that); it certainly wouldn't register with the Powers That Be at DC. It would't send any message to the money-men at the parent corporation. We're a small store, in a pretty but tiny town in the UK. It's not even as if we're a small store in their home market for goodness sake.

Instead, I looked for a positive angle. A way to promote what I love, rather than bashing what I hate (words to live by folks, especially when you are part of comic fandom).

Since Gail Simone is a great writer, she was going to get more work. That was a given! New comics, even new titles, I was certain. So I vowed that we would support whatever Gail did next, by ordering extra copies and offering them at a discounted rate. If we could show the publishers that Gail Simone's work was loved, perhaps there would be less chance of such a foolish decision like kicking her off of Batgirl arising in the future.

Thankfully, a couple of stars aligned and a vocal section of the internet also rallied behind Gail. I'm not sure of the full in and outs of it all, despite watching the news cycle at the time and doing some further research earlier today, but it matters not. We had several wonderful outcomes. Firstly, Gail was restored as the writer of Batgirl! Huzzah!

Secondly, Gail Simone was announced as the writer on a new DC comic - The Movement - and the relaunch of Red Sonja over at Dynamite Entertainment. We ordered a bunch extra of these and did that at £1.50 and £2 an issue respectively to all pre-orders. Both titles have exceeded my expectations for ongoing Reservations! We'll continue to support Gail's new titles for the foreseeable future, the next up being a Tomb Raider comic for Dark Horse which will be official canon set between the recent game and the next one. We're very excited about that one in our house!

We were lucky enough to meet Gail at the Cardiff Comic Con last weekend, and took a few of our last few copies of The Movement #1 and Red Sonja #2 (the incredibly fun Stephanie Buscema subscriber cover, no less!). These are no available in store, for cover price! That's right, no additional mark up for a signed cover! These aren't available to reserve however, you must pop in the store if you want one - first come, first served I'm afraid.

Many thanks to Gail and her husband, who were very lovely and incredibly gracious with their time. I hope you both had an excellent weekend and are enjoying the rest of your trip!

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