Saturday, 31 August 2013

Big Game Hunting Live - Fluxx the Board Game

On Saturday, 7th of September, Proud Lion will once again be hosting their monthly gaming event, Big Game Hunting Live! In a change to our previous schedule, we will be playing the newly released Fluxx: The Board Game!

This brand new board game is inspired by the brilliant series of card games by the same name. In these games, the cards are constantly changing the rules, and even how you win the game.

The board game expands on this, by adding a board made up of tiles whose positions will regularly alter too!

As far as the rules go, many of them will be very familiar to Fluxx players: drawing cards, playing cards, hand limits, and so on all make their appearances. The key change to the gameplay comes down to winning the game. Rather than matching a single goal in play, your mission is to achieve several goals, and be the first to collect the number of goals required to win.

Check the video below if you'd like to watch a demonstration, or check out the rules by reading them here.

In response to feedback from previous BGHL events, the timetable for games will be changed. Rather than having set game times, we will be running open gaming between 10:30am and 2pm, and again between 3pm and 5pm. Feel free to show up during either session to learn, watch, or play.

And don't forget, anyone who participates on the day will get a voucher to purchase Fluxx: The Board Game at 10% off! See you all next week!

Rae is so happy to be back home with her family. And her games.

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