Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Big Game Hunting Live - A Change of Plans

For those of you who enjoy our monthly Big Game Hunting Live sessions, please be aware that the game being showcased on our next event, September 7th, has been changed. Previously we had been scheduled to play Munchkin. Instead - due to its arrival in the UK this week - we are pleased to announce we will instead be playing Fluxx: The Board Game!

More information about the game will be posted soon, as well as further details about the day itself. Just watch this space! Or add yourself to the Facebook event for all the latest information.

If you are disappointed with the change and had your heart set on playing Munchkin, don't worry! We will be looking to reschedule Munchkin for another BGH event in the coming months.

Rae is waltzing about in Northampton this week. Okay, maybe less waltzing and more spirited walking...

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