Saturday, 6 July 2013

Candy Cub waves goodbye

It's funny what can change in a year isn't it? In March last year, we launched Candy Cub - a new department within Proud Lion - bringing imported American candy and soda to your favourite American comic shop.

Since then, we've seen two other dedicated sweet shops open up in the town - both with a substantial array of American food themselves - plus at least one notable large supermarket has also joined the fray (with rumours of a second rival giant store in Charlton Kings following suit). plus Vanilla Coke has now been reintroduced into the UK market.

We've gone from reordering our Candy Cub stock every month to maybe once a quarter, and now some of the stock we do have in is starting to go past its best before date. When we started selling American imports, the stuff was flying off the shelves - it wouldn't have had time to go out of date!

So, with heavy heart and sad face, it's time to bid farewell to Candy Cub for the time being. It's great that these products are becoming more readily available in the area, with dedicated businesses bringing you a broader range than we could ever accommodate! There's no sour grape soda here folks, but I've always believed in a transparent approach to business whenever possible, so it seemed like a brief explanation was in order.

We'll be marking down almost all of the Candy Cub stock in the coming weeks - all cans of soda are now down to just 75p, bottles of A&W Root Beer are now just £3.00, Coconut M&Ms are down to just £1.00 and Dark Raspberry M&Ms are down to £3.50! Come and grab a bargain!

Thank you all for your sweet tooth patronage over the past year!

Ben Fardon is loving the sunshine, but not the heat.

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