Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Big Game Hunting Live - Ticket To Ride

Are you ready for another Big Game Hunting Live? This is a monthly gaming event that takes place on the first Saturday of every month. Players will get a chance to learn and play a different game every month.

On Saturday 3rd August, we will be playing Ticket to Ride!

In this fantastic German game, you try to connect cities across the continent with railroads. The longer your route is, the more points you get. You get extra points for completing your Destination cards – but be careful, as not finishing them will make you lose points!

This game was featured on season one of TableTop and can be viewed below.

If you've never played before, or just want to brush up on the rules, we recommend you come to one of the learn-to-play sessions, taking place at 11am and 1pm. We'll show you the ropes and get you up to speed on how to play.

If you're already familiar with the game and want to jump right in, come along to the full game session at 3pm! This is also suitable for people who attend the learn-to-play sessions earlier in the day. No sign-up is required, and participation will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

On the day, we will be playing Ticket to Ride: Europe, one of the many editions of the game that have been released. The original game is based in the United States, while other versions include Germany and Nordic Countries. There are smaller expansions including USA 1910, Europe 1912, plus maps for Africa, Asia, Marklin, and the Nordic countries, last year's Halloween expansion and even a Ticket to Ride card game.

All participants will receive a voucher that entitle them to 10% off Ticket To Ride, or any of the expansions or supplements. As Proud Lion is only a small store, we only hold a limited stock so you may have to backorder your copy if we sell out on the day. Other editions and expansions are available to order only.

Rae promises not to hit the table at the end of the game!

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