Thursday, 12 January 2012

The first DC New 52 casualties and six new challengers...

DC announced today that six titles from the new 52 will cease publication in April. The ending titles are Men of War, Mister Terrific, O.M.A.C., Hawk and Dove, Blackhawks and Static Shock. No surprises there in my opinion - I predicted the end of Mister Terrific in my original write up of the New 52 ("this has cancelled within a year written all over it").

In their place, DC are launching six new comics:

  • BATMAN INCORPORATED – Writer: Grant Morrison. Artist: Chris Burnham. The acclaimed ongoing writer of ACTION COMICS, Grant Morrison, presents a fresh take on BATMAN INCORPORATED, in which the Batman brand is franchised globally in preparation for a major international threat.

  • EARTH 2 – Writer: James Robinson. Artist: Nicola Scott. The greatest heroes on a parallel Earth, the Justice Society combats threats that will set them on a collision course with other worlds.

  • WORLDS’ FINEST – Writer: Paul Levitz. Artists: George Perez and Kevin Maguire. Stranded on our world from a parallel reality, Huntress and Power Girl struggle to find their way back to Earth 2. Perez and Maguire will be the artists on alternating story arcs.

  • DIAL H – Writer: China Miéville. Artist: Mateus Santoluoco. The first ongoing series from acclaimed novelist China Miéville, this is a bold new take on a cult classic concept about the psychological effects on an everyman who accidentally gains powers to become a hero.

  • G.I. COMBAT – Writer: J.T. Krul. Artist: Ariel Olivetti. Featuring the return of a classic DC Comics series, THE WAR THAT TIME FORGOT, along with rotating back-up stories and creative teams – including THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER, with writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Dan Panosian; and THE HAUNTED TANK, with writer John Arcudi and artist Scott Kolins.

  • THE RAVAGERS – Writer: Howard Mackie. Artist: Ian Churchill. Spinning off from TEEN TITANS and SUPERBOY, this series finds four superpowered teens on the run and fighting against the organization that wants to turn them into supervillains.

I'm most excited about Dial H - the previous H.E.R.O. series was a tragically overlooked gem and with an acclaimed fantasy writer on board, this new version looks set to be as awesome as Resurrection Man.

Reservation customers can place their orders now.


  1. OOOO...OOO. I want Dial H. Please?
    I'll hold judgement on Batman, Earth 2 and World's finest till you tell me whatcha think tho?


  2. Done, many thanks!

    Heres the back story on Dial H for anyone who is interested -

  3. TY! I want my Animal Man tho *stamps foot and pouts mightily*

  4. Did you want the single issues or the TPB for Animal Man?

  5. It's probably easier to go TPB now if it's been running for a while?

  6. I can get you the singles issues if you'd rather, that's not a problem. You mentioned wanting to give Animal Man a go but never put in a firm order at the time.