Friday, 17 June 2011

Proud Lion and the DCNu

By Now, many of you have hopefully heard the news that come the end of August and throughout September, DC Comics are completely rebooting their superhero universe.

For the record, the Vertigo line is completely unaffected.

Dubbed the DCNu by the blogosphere, this move will see them publishing 52 NEW titles in one month.

With this in mind, I will need you to order the titles you want added to your folder by Tuesday 19th July.

As this is a complete reboot, we will consider all previous DC orders cancelled, so you will have to order again. In short, if you already get Batman you will still have to re-order Batman to ensure you get the DCNu version. Many people will potentially decide to radically alter their DC pull list at this time, so I can't take anything for granted.

It's a complete faff for all of us involved, both Proud Lion and you guys, but to help us all, I've created an order form that you can collect in store or print off at home.

If you right click here and choose "save as", you can download a pdf of the order form to fill in at home and drop in to the shop. Just mark an X next to the titles you want in the column marked Yes?

Or right click here and choose "save as" to get a Word document version that you can fill in on the computer and email back to me at Again, just mark an X next to the titles you want in the column marked Yes?

I'll be trying to contact every Reservation Folder customer in the coming weeks to get your DCNu, orders, but if you could get them into me first that would be a huge help. I have to create 52 new titles on the database in one go as it is!

If you don't have a Reservation Folder, but would be interested in starting one to try some of these titles, please contact me at the email address above.

Thanks folks. Some of these new titles do look AMAZING.

Ben Fardon is a little exhausted by a lot of things, but finding exhilaration in the challenge.

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