Saturday, 29 January 2011

Winter Raffle - The Results

OK, fifteen prizes and fifteen lucky winning tickets to announce.

Together we raised £75.00 for Winston's Wish! Based locally, Winston's Wish are a national charity who help bereaved children, young people and families struggling with the death of a family member or loved one. I'm proud to be able to support them, even in this small way.

So without further a do, here are the prize winning tickets in the order they were drawn starting with the runners up prizes.

a comic book pack from the box
The winning tickets are: 13, 126, 87, 2, 125, 14, 71, 91, 80 and 81

The Dark Knight poker set
The winning ticket is 31

Black Butler artbook
The winning ticket is 49

two Blackest Night figures
(Nekron and Black Lantern Batman)
The winning ticket is 134

set of four Blackest Night figures
(Nekron, Black Lantern Batman, Black Lantern Deadman and Black Lantern Hawkman)
The winning ticket is 106

And finally, the grand prize taken from my own personal collection...

the silver Iron Man helmet
The winning ticket is 96

Congratulations to everyone who won and commiserations to everyone else. Thank you for supporting Proud Lion in our efforts to raise money and awareness for this local charity.

Please come in and collect your prizes over the course of the next few weeks. You will ideally need to bring your ticket for proof, but I do have a record of the surnames of each of the winning tickets so I can help to match them up if you have lost your ticket.

Any prizes unclaimed by Free Comic Book Day on Saturday 7th May will be entered in to a redraw using all the remaining tickets so hang on to your tickets till then, you never know!

Thanks again everyone, have a great weekend.

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