Friday, 14 January 2011


Clear the decks! Prowling The Savannah is back after festive hibernations. Tomorrow we bring you the first in our new weekend column series from new contributor Kate Townshend. Then on Tuesday the long awaited Big Game Hunting gaming column begins with another new contributor. All very shiny!

But first, the news from this week has basically been eclipsed by the release yesterday of these two pictures...

Your thoughts?

Ben Fardon is loving the Oscar baiting films coming out right now, but is really looking forward to the 2011 blockbuster season!


  1. Loving how grim both characters are looking. It's good to see that the films are getting down to the grit that makes them, and many others, so enduring.

  2. Hi Ben,
    Just thought you'd like to know about a certain exchange on the comments of a certain blog of the creators of the Atomic Robo comic :D

    You're mentioned by name by a guy who occasionally draws Avengers comics. Bravo!