Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Big Game Hunting: Beta Games Night!

by Rae

Last year we invited local tabletop enthusiasts to bring their own ideas to the table and introduce us to their very own games. We had a selection of unreleased games in various stages of development available to play on the night, giving players a rare opportunity to be beta testers for these brand new ideas.

We're pleased to say that, one year later, we are repeating this fantastic opportunity! Proud Lion will once again be hosting a Beta Games Night for local tabletop designers to test out their ideas, get some feedback, and network with other tabletop creators and players. This will take place at our normal board games evening event on Saturday 12 September at Boston Tea Party from 6:30pm until 9pm.

To make this possible, we do ask a few things of our creators and players. For those of you interested in playing these games, we will ask you to sign a basic non-disclosure agreement (NDA) when you arrive at the event. This is purely in the interest of protecting the designers' creations and prevent them from becoming publicised. Please note this is only required if you wish to take part in the beta evening. (Creators please be aware you will also be asked to sign the NDA.)

If you want to showcase your game, we have a few rules that must be followed to ensure the event goes as smoothly as possible. We ask that you email rae@proudlion.co.uk with the following information about your game: title (working title is fine), brief description of the gameplay, current state of your game (alpha stage, beta stage, working prototype, professional prototype, etc.), and how many players it can hold. We have no problem with people having only initial paper prototypes, but please ensure your game is fully playable. Furthermore, all games must be your own creation, and must have been tested by yourself prior to attending the event.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at rae@proudlion.co.uk.

Rae has too many games in her head this week, so naturally wants to add a few more...

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