Thursday, 30 April 2015

Carrier bags and charity - Red Nose Day & the Disasters Emergency Committee's Nepal Earthquake Appeal

by Ben Fardon

Hi folks,

With all the major works going on behind the scenes last year, we've fallen behind on telling you about our charitable donations from the carrier bags, but the scheme is still going on!

The months of October-December 2014 were our 15th full quarter and together we raised £42.30.

The months of January-March 2015 were our 16th full quarter and together we raised £36.44.

Last time we donated to the United Nations System Response to the Ebola Outbreak. This trust was set up to unite efforts of the UN to stop the outbreak, treat the infected, ensure continuity within affected countries and prevent outbreaks in countries currently unaffected.  Our contribution will provide vital support to the United Nations as it works to halt the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and treat the thousands of people who have been infected with Ebola virus disease. Thanks to our contribution, the World Health Organization will be able to procure vital supplies, such as personal protective equipment and chlorine, as well as provide crucial technical assistance to the governments of Ebola-affected countries.

For the 15th quarter, we've donated that £42.30 to Comic Relief, an organisation that needs no introduction!

For the 16th quarter, we're donating that £36.44 to the Disasters Emergency Committee's Nepal Earthquake Appeal. As the DEC only takes donations in whole numbers, I've taken the liberty of rounding the donation up to £40.00.

On Saturday 25 April a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. It severely shook the lives of at least 5.3m people and left many homeless.  Nepal’s major cities, including the capital Kathmandu, have been badly damaged and rural areas near the epicentre have been completely cut off by avalanches.

Already over 3000 people have been confirmed dead and the figure is likely to rise significantly in the coming days. Even those whose homes are still standing are sleeping in the streets because they are terrified by regular aftershocks.

DEC member agencies and their partners are working urgently to provide emergency shelter, food, clean water and blankets.  Once immediate, life-saving needs are met they will work with individuals, families and communities to support them to rebuild their lives.  You can help by making a donation now. - taken from the DEC website

The next carrier bag donation should be in early July. If you have a charity you'd like Proud Lion to support, please email me at

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