Monday, 6 January 2014

Carrier bags and charity - Cancer Research UK

Hi folks,

Last week marked not only the end of the current financial quarter (and the calendar year) but also the end of the latest period of collecting money for charity from our sales of carrier bags.

Over the course of the past quarter, I managed to source our carrier bags from our existing supplier, but at a lower price point. The point of charging for carrier bags was simply to cover our costs and encourage our customers to reuse/recycle the carrier bags they use; it was never about trying to turn a profit, hence once we've covered the VAT and the cost price, the rest builds up to make our quarterly charitable contribution. Since the cost price is now lower, our charitable contribution will be proportionately higher, which is great news! 

This is our eleventh full quarter and together we raised £23.23!

Last time I donated to comic writer Steve Niles and his family who had a personal disaster in the wake of freak flooding in Texas and the horrid discovery that their insurance wouldn't cover them.

This time, I'm making a donation to Cancer Research UK on behalf of a friend, Joe Kelly, who has opted to forgo any birthday presents from friends this year, instead asking them to make a small donation to the charity instead. I've already made a personal donation and now it's my great privilege to add a little extra to that pot. An accomplished musician (and member of the wonderful band Welcome Back Delta), some of you will remember Joe played an acoustic solo set at Free Comic Book Day here back in 2012.

The next carrier bag donation will be in early April. If you have a charity you'd like Proud Lion to support, please email me at

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