Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Big Game Hunting Live - Castellan

We're gearing up for another Big Game Hunting Live! This is a monthly gaming event that takes place on the first Saturday of every month. Players will get a chance to learn and play a different game every month. On Saturday 5th October, we will be playing Castellan!

This brilliant little game was recently released by Steve Jackson Games. Players take turns building a castle using walls and towers. Each enclosed space, or courtyard, can be claimed by the players, thus earning them points. The element of strategy, however, is that you can only build onto the castle using pieces determined by the cards you play at the beginning of your turn. The player who earns the most points at the end of the game is the winner!

Similar to last month's event, we will be hosting two main game sessions, from 10:30 to 1pm, and 2pm to 5pm. Feel free to come along at any point during the sessions and join in. Due to the nature of this game, we are only be able to support two players at once - but the game plays very quickly, so we'll make sure to rotate players frequently so everybody gets a chance!

As a side note, this will be the last time Big Game Hunting Live is able to hold a morning session for the foreseeable future. Due to a significant change in my work schedules, after the October event we will only host an afternoon session from 2pm to 5pm.

All participants will receive a voucher that entitle them to 10% off Castellan. As Proud Lion is only a small store, we only hold a limited stock so you may have to backorder your copy if we sell out on the day.

Rae  is looking forward to a week of all things gaming!

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