Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Lion's Share - The new lineup from Titan Comics

UK publisher Titan Comics have been quietly doing their thing in the comics market in recent years, producing new full colour Lenore comics from Roman Dirge and keeping the Tank Girl franchise alive with some interesting new ideas including last month's Solid State Tank Girl series.

In the coming months though, they are really ramping up their release schedule with both new titles and some great graphic novel reprints. We got to see a few of these at the Diamond UK Retailer Day at the MCM Expo last weekend, and I've picked a few of my favourites to show you.

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"The best idea I've seen in years. Genuinely original."
Mark Millar, Kick-Ass

Writer(s): Monty Nero
Artist Name(s): Mike Dowling
Number of Issues/Volumes in Series: 6
Page Count: 32pp
Retail Price: £3.15
Street Date: October 9, 2013

What would you do with superpowers – and six months to live? 

That's the dilemma facing three people who've contracted the G+ Virus, through unprotected sex.

What can graphic designer Verity, failing indie guitarist Weasel and roguish media personality Monty do in the time they have left? Fade away – or go out in a blaze of glory? 

By turns funny, dark, sad and spectacular, Death Sentence is an emotional thrill ride through celebrity, loss, passion and creativity. It's the jaw-dropping next stage in superpowered storytelling! 

Packed with unforgettable shocks, quotable dialogue and the character finds of a generation, this is an unmissable debut by two striking and confident new voices!


The Eagle-Award-Winning Barbarian
comedy series is collected at last!

Writer(s):  Carl Critchlow
Artist Name(s): Carl Critchlow
Format: Hardcover Collection
Page Count: 144pp
Full Color, B&W, or partial color: FC
Retail Price: £14.99
Street Date: September 24, 2013

A hilarious, timeless parody of Conan The Barbarian and his musclebound ilk!

Thrud: big of muscle, tiny of head, which is fine for Thrud as you only need a big brain if you need to talk your way out of trouble. Instead, he lets his axe speak for him!

In the first collected volume of this hugely popular cult, er, hero, Thrud faces down the necromancer To-Me Ku-Pa (FWAP! THWOK!); protects his beer supplies from fierce Frost Giants (KRISH! KER-THUNK!); faces his arch-nemesis (THUNKTHUNKTHUNK!); assumes the stately role of the king he accidentally killed (GAK! POK!) and gets his pint spilled on a mission into the depths of a primeval jungle (ARRGGLE! SPLUTCH!) A hilarious, timeless parody of Conan The Barbarian and his musclebound ilk!


Writer(s): Dan Boultwood
Artist Name(s): Dan Boultwood
Number of Issues/Volumes in Series: 4
Page Count: 32pp
Retail Price: £3.15
Street Date: August 7, 2013

Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 will love this hilarious B-movie romp, a knowing throwback to the heyday of low-budget SF cinema! In It Came!, Dan Boultwood has unearthed a lost classic from the forgotten Pinetree Studios. An enormous alien robot lays waste to the English countryside, annihilating bunting, villages, and diagonally-sliced sandwiches alike! Only the pipe-chomping space scientist Dr. Boy Bret and his assistant Doris Night stand a chance of stopping it from marching all the way to London!


Writer(s): Stuart Jennett 
Artist Name(s): Stuart Jennett
Number of Issues/Volumes in Series: 5
Page Count: 32pp
Retail Price: £3.15
Street Date: July 3, 2013

When the Allies and Nazis develop time-diving technology that could see the course of World War II dertailed by creatures from the Cretaceous period, only the Sarge and his band of misfit soldiers can save the future - by saving history! Dinosaurs! Giant crocodiles! Time travel! Nazis! Albert Einstein with a machine gun!

Ben Fardon is gearing up for Galaxy Trucker!

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