Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Lion's Share - The Latest Movie Craze: OD Cinema!

Two dimensional entertainment can often seem so... flat. Comics not withstanding, obviously. In recent years, Hollywood has once again returned to the gimmick of 3D film presentation in an attempt to wow audiences with a little extra spectacle, and of course woo a little extra cash out of their wallets at the same time.

Of course, for many of us this is a shallow and unrewarding experience; we can see through the facade to the simple money-making exercise this is. At points, the action on screen combines with 3D effects to undermine the persistence of vision. It can completely disrupt our ability to enjoy the movie. In short, the human eye can't keep up.

Thankfully, Cheltenham’s Parabola Arts Centre is set to host a completely different experience - one that should redress the balance. Movie lovers can join theatre and radio lovers at the first ever 0D Cinema event.

Mark Chatterley
“Cinemas are going full out to create the most realistic experience. 3D, 48 frames per second, ultra-high def, Imax and digital multi-point surround sound are all phrases we are used to hearing,” said Mark Chatterley, writer and director of the show.

Mark is clearly a man who is tired of technical trickery trumping creativity. “None of this can come close to the realism created by our imaginations,” he added.

In Ear Entertainment has created an evening of entertainment that will leave the audience breathless at the sheer realism of the 0D experience.

As you enter the theatre you will be given 0D glasses, specially constructed to allow you to maximise your imagination. Two short 'movies' will then be acted out live on stage while fill in the scenery, costumes and special effects in your own mind.

Verity Smith
Verity Smith, Producer for 0D Cinema, said: ‘Think of it like seeing a live radio play being recorded it’s just, you can’t see anything so your imagination can run riot.”

The evenings movies are both loosely science fiction based, meaning this will be a good ol’ fashioned ‘Science Fiction Double Feature’.

Tickets cost £10 (£8 for concessions/£5 for under 12s) and can be booked online by going to or by phoning 01242 707338.

There's a Facebook event for the evening that can be found here. The whole evening is being recorded and will be available after the event to purchase from the In Ear Entertainment website.

Ben Fardon thinks an evening of science fiction theatre is just what we all need after the nonsense of Race Week. 

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  1. Wooo!! IT's going to be so excellent, I can't wait to be in the audience watching all the hard work :)