Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Big Game Hunting - LCG Day, Saturday 19th January

Please be advised that if the snow disruptions cause Stagecoach buses to stop running in and around the town, I'll be postponing LCG Day. Check our Twitter feed and Facebook page for updates before setting out tomorrow!

If you love deck-building, collectible card games, but hate the ongoing arms race and expense of CCGs like Magic The Gathering and Yu Gi Oh, you really should take a look at Fantasy Flight Game's clever Living Card Game model.

The games start with a boxed set that costs around £30 and includes everything you need for at least two players. The new Star Wars one includes all the major character cards too, unlike the previous CCG games where you'd hunt for ages for your favourite heroes and villains.

After that, expansions are done through regular 60 card (or more) fixed packs that give every purchasing player the same options, rather than 12-15 card random boosters.

It's a fantastic concept, as it makes the experience about the game and your mastery of it; rather than having superior luck or resources to acquire the rarest cards it becomes much more about designing your decks and understanding the mechanics.

So far Fantasy Flight have released six LCGs. Call Of Cthulhu, A Game Of Thrones, Warhammer Invasion, Lord Of The Rings, Netrunner - based on the popular old Richard Garfield CCG and hugely successful in this new LCG format already in only a matter of months - and Star Wars, the newest addition to the catalogue.

So on Saturday 19th January, we'd like to invite existing LCG players and new players who are interested to come to the store and play! Challenge others to a game, or simply show up and be taught how to play. We'll be hosting Star Wars, Netrunner, Lord Of The Rings and Warhammer Invasion in store, but players of Call Of Cthulhu and A Game Of Thrones are equally welcome!

That's Saturday 19th January, kicking off at 10:30am. Hope to see you there!

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Ben Fardon still fears the shadow cards...

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