Thursday, 29 November 2012

Movember 2012 - almost over! One last challenge!

Movember is almost over. In less than 48 hours now, I'll be clean shaven and doing my best to grow back my traditional goatee in time for Christmas.

As a team we've raised £125 together, with more than £30 (at last count) still to be paid in from the collections from the charity box in the store.

But it's not over yet! And I have one last challenge for you all.

If you guys can help us hit £250 worth of donations by 7:00am (GMT) tomorrow morning, I will trim my moustache into this style:

"Where's your Movember moustache Parker?!"

That's right. If you guys can dig deep just before Christmas and double the money we raised in less than 24 hours, I'll spend the last day with a toothbrush moustache on my face.

Now, we all know who we immediately think of from history when someone mentioned a toothbrush moustache. Comedian Richard Herring had a stand up show a few years ago that talked about that an pointed out that Charlie Chaplin had one long before Hitler.

The show was met with quite a lot of controversy though, as Herring was sporting a toothbrush moustache during the run of the show and some people took offense, so if you can meet my challenge it should make my life very interesting tomorrow!

It's all for a good cause though, so go on - put your money where my mouth is!

Ben Fardon wonders what tomorrow will bring.

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